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Ten Top Tips for making Kagan structures work…

Posted by on April 29, 2014

1. Do class building activities at least once per week.

2. Do teambuilding activities at least twice per week (see Jo, Charlotte or Claire for ideas for classbuilding and teambuilding).

3. Rally Coach: write questions so the paper can be folded in half. A: explains how they are going to solve, get a “yes” from B, write answer, B praises. Swap roles.

4. Use Kagan for homework; each member of team have one bit each to complete. They are more likely to return homework if not doing it means letting their team down!

5. All Write Round Robin: as Round Robin, team take it in turns to share their ideas, all team write down each idea.

6. Children should have letter and number, AB BA 1234. (Lots of “manage mats” on internet that you can print off). When asking for responses, choose a number at random e.g roll dice… so it could be anyone!

7. Use Bloom’s Taxonomy to focus responses; e.g. ask children to respond to partner starting with “what I liked best about what you said was…”.

8. Use Rally or Round Robin to remind and reinforce rules and procedures… Much more effective than a teacher lecture!

9. Team members should give positive reinforcement to each other at the end of each session; try high fives, fist-bumps, “cheese grater cheers”…

10. Use Kagan structures to reinforce “3 before me”; children can only ask for adult help when all team are stuck.



One Response to Ten Top Tips for making Kagan structures work…

  1. Louise

    I really like the suggestion for collaborative home learning – everyone doing a bit and putting it together in school. Could work really well!

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