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Mastery English 

Posted by on November 7, 2016

Lots to think about after today’s Mastery English Course. Here is a brief overview of today and what Mastery English looks like in St Thomas of Canterbury School. 

The key principle behind mastery English is that every child can achieve with focus on attainment rather than ability.

The teaching of English is is rooted in the use of high quality texts (1 key text per half term of which all learners have a copy) with the teaching of reading comprehension skills, writing and punctuation and grammatical knowledge all delivered in the context of this text.  

There are regular opportunities for whole class, teacher modelled and individual reading carefully planned into the teaching sequence. Again the believe is that all learners can access this and this gives all learners the opportunity to immerse themselves in a text.

Lessons are carefully planned to scaffold learning so that all can access and pre learning tasks or same day intervention are used to address any misconceptions or ensure that learners needing extra support are given this so that they are ready to move on with the rest of the class.. There are regular “checkpoints” in each lesson to assess understanding through carefully planned questions. The lesson structure ensures that there are well planned opportunities for “going deeper” in each session.

High quality example text extracts are on display in each classroom.

Marking and feedback is extremely precise and always related directly to the learning objective. A sticker system is used with the whole class receiving the same sticker which is highlighted according to their next steps ( see photo for example of this). Learners are either asked to “practise” or “deepen” their understanding. Any response to feedback is done on green pen so it is really clear to see how learning has moved forward as a result of feedback.  

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