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LSA RTC event 19/01/17

Posted by on January 13, 2017

The presentation for this event:

Click the link HERE to see our evaluation from our wonderful staff:

14 Responses to LSA RTC event 19/01/17

  1. Miss Tindle

    Cant wait to explore Osmo #excitinglearning

  2. Mrs Grainger

    I cant wait to use osmo in F1

  3. Mrs Lukasik

    Nice and welcoming session, lots of interesting information that will be usefull in each year group.

  4. Kirsty B

    Lost of useful infirmation. The Osmo apps will be very useful to some of our intervention groups! Thank you

  5. Dawn C

    Learning lots of new apps with Mel and Jen. Exciting!

  6. Lynsey houghton

    Briliant session, very useful 🙂

  7. Toni Grant

    I’ve done it! Fab Training

  8. Findlow

    Today i am learning how to use osmo. I am learning how to blog.

  9. Amal

    Thank you for this opportunity

  10. Naomi

    Good information on blogging!

  11. Lynn Cooper

    I am learning about different types of ICT so I can use it with my groups.

  12. Alex

    Love the idea of using osmo for all abilities.
    Can’t wait to use ipod touch for my own groups so i can personally blog.
    So useful! Big thanks!

  13. Leesa

    Good lnformation to use in class to engage learners

  14. Alex M

    Thanks so much for this morning!
    It was really informative and helpful

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